What a bachelor pad

Here is a breakthough apartment located in Seward Park housing co-op on the lower east side. This contemporary apartment showcases inset moldings, contemporary lighting fixture and kitchen design, marble bathrooms and many custom fixtures.

A Cozy Contemporary Home

This apartment is fitted with a contemporary kitchen with a mix of wooden and metal surfaces and bicolored cabinets. This 2 bedroom 1.5 bathroom apartment was fitted with wood flooring, custom fixtures, fully remodeled bathrooms and kitchen.

The Brass Cross Apartment

This apartment was planned of off the axis of a brass insert to the floor. The brass strips extend the length of the apartment entering rooms and bisecting the countertop, which in response changes from the marble to a wooden countertop.

The brass line extends down the main hallway an into the back bedroom. The Fixture in the hallway was custom built and was painted on one side, which you can only see exiting the bedroom. 

This apartment was also fitted with two contemporary bathrooms, with a small blue window separating the two.

Launch Sequence Engaged!

Today we launch our new Lower East Side Construction website! The whole team here is very excited and we hope that our site is more informative and helpful than ever before! A new feature is the blog section where we will post pictures and stories of the progression of our projects. We hope this will provide insight into the construction process, as well as providing a good image of the before and after. We hope you enjoy! Feel free to contact us any time